The Best Pillow Reviews – The Top 4 Pillows You Can Buy Online

Shopping for the best pillow is without a doubt a very important decision you need to consider carefully. By choosing the best one, you can ensure that you will get restful sleep. A good pillow has some important characteristics such as having the ability to support your neck and head. While supporting both your head and neck, a good pillow won’t apply excessive pressure. Another advantage of choosing a high quality pillow is that the pillow spread the weight evenly. Now, if you are looking for the best one but are not sure which one to choose, we have provided the top 5 pillows that may interest you. Read the rest of our review below!


Best Rest Pillow – Brentwood 557 Corduroy

Brentwood 557 CorduroyStarting with Brentwood 557 Corduroy, this is the first model that we have included on our top 5 pillows list. The brand is quite popular among home owners wanting to get a good pillow, and this shouldn’t be very surprising. The Brentwood corduroy pillow is a functional pillow that lets you lay in the bed while doing other activities such as watching television or reading newspaper comfortably. To give you more ideas about this pillow, we have listed some features offered by this product.


100% polyester, With this material, sleeping comfortably is possible, you can lay in the bed and do other activities at the same time.

Sturdy Handle: Another interesting feature you don’t want to miss is the availability of the sturdy handle. With this feature, it lets you moving the pillow from one room to other rooms conveniently.

Affordable: You can get this one less than $50, which makes it one of the best choices among other pillows you can find on the market.

If you suffer from back pain, you will definitely need this one. Although the size is smaller than most people have imagined, but this is not a big issue. Brentwood 557 Corduroy offers both comfort and functionality for those wanting more than just an ordinary pillow.


Best Pregnancy Pillow – Leachco Snoogle Total Body

Leachco Snoogle Total BodyOur second choice goes to Leachco Snoogle Total Body, a perfect choice for those looking for the best body pillow. Also known as a good pregnancy pillow, pregnant women will find it very comfortable when sleeping on this pillow. The pillow does a great job when it comes to supporting your lower half. For pregnant women who lay on their side, this pillow will be a perfect pillow to consider. Using this pillow, some common discomforts that many pregnant women may experience such as neck pain, hip pain, and back pain, could be relieved by this pregnancy pillow. This pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to provide ample support for the neck, back, tummy, and also hips.


It Is Very Sturdy: Choosing a pregnancy pillow that is sturdy is very important if you don’t want to waste your money.

Different Support Purposes: Using this pillow, you don’t need multiple pillows as it can eliminate this issue by providing different support purposes.

Unique Patented Design: It comes with a unique patented design, which is made by a registered nurse-mom.

However, there are some drawbacks related to this product. Some of these disadvantages include the size, which is too bulky in the bed, it may be a bit expensive compared to other pregnancy pillows. Although the size is too big, if you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow, Leachco Snoogle Total Body is one of them.


Best Throw Pillow – HOSL Cotton Linen Square

HOSL Cotton Linen SquareThe next choice goes to HOSL Cotton Linen Square, it is one of the best throw pillows that you can find online. Unlike other throw pillows, all cushions are handmade, making it unique among other ordinary pillows available out there. In terms of design, many consider this pillow as a very cute pillow and this is very reasonable, thanks to its cute design. The pillow comes with a cute retro design, and if you see the picture, it is very similar as advertised. In other words, if you need a cute throw pillow that will match with your bedroom, this one should be taken into your consideration.


Colors Are Great: While the colors may be different from the ones shown in the pictures, but the design still looks so nice.

Durable and Comfortable: This throw pillow is made of durable cotton, thanks to its material; the pillow feels so soft and comfortable to use.

A Cute Retro Design: Although the patterns are available for the front side, but it has a very cute retro design. Many love the design, it looks so cute.

Invisible Zipper: It comes with an invisible zipper, and with this invisible zipper, the throw pillow has a more attractive look. It is also very safe when you wash the pillow, you don’t need to worry about damaging the pillow.


Best Bed Pillow – Shredded Memory Foam

Shredded Memory FoamIf you are looking for the best memory foam pillow, Shredded Memory Foam will definitely become your favorite choice. This is a memory foam pillow specially designed to adjust the contours of your head and neck, ensuring that you will get a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the use of synthetic visco elastic foam material, the pillow can prevent the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and also mold. While providing support to your head and neck, this pillow will also reduce pains and aches that you experience, making you feel fresher when you wake up.

Why Choose Shredded Memory Foam

It Is Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistance: One nice feature you will love is that the pillow is dust mite resistance. Thus, if you suffer from allergies, you won’t experience this kind of issue anymore when sleeping on this pillow.

Durable: It works as advertised, which means that the pillow is very durable, it will not go flat even after some months of extensive usage. To give you a better idea, the pillow also comes with a 5 year warranty.

Customizable: The pillow can be customized to support various sleeping positions. Unlike standard memory foam pillows, it provides a lot more air circulation.

The only drawback is that the material consists of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. With some advantages mentioned above, Shredded Memory Foam provides better support for those looking for a good memory foam pillow. Overall, these are some best pillows we have reviewed so far, as you are reading this review, finding the best pillow that fits with your needs should be easy.